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Restorative Coaching

I help intelligent, sensitive humans create lives of greater spaciousness, impact, and ease through the quiet art of restorative coaching.

Restorative coaching moves beyond both traditional coaching and therapy in providing a compassionate, grounded, and nourishing model of support that does away with the myth that we must be constantly struggling to succeed. Imagine supplying a seedling with the environment it needs to thrive and you'll have a good feeling for what restorative coaching entails.

As an evidence-based modality, restorative coaching strengthens your interoception-- our felt-sense of what is happening within ourselves-- by tending to the rhythms and sensitivities of the body, improving self-mastery and ownership in all areas of your life. With restorative coaching you'll find that less is more, and that when you feel stuck, frustrated, or confused, clarity and relief can be found in slowing down and tending to the nuances of the moment.

Clients typically see rapid and occasionally surprising results, as the work involves getting in touch with one's deeper dreams and callings. Businesses are launched; creative projects completed; relocations occur-- and yet all of it unfolds with ease.

Creating a thriving life of renewal and restoration does not happen overnight; at the same time, my work is designed for clients to discover and claim the fullness of their own unique wholeness. Three to six months is generally sufficient to clarify your needs and desires, experiment with new ways of being, and ground a supportive inner and outer environment conducive to both your greater well-being and the expression of your work in the world.

Individual appointments are also available. All sessions are 60 minutes long.

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COVID-19 means all current programs and sessions are conducted online or over the phone.


Siona Francesca van Dijk
Founder & Owner

MA, Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University
MA, Jungian and Archetypal Studies, Pacific Graduate Institute
BA, Philosophy & Psychology, Amherst College
Amherst School of Massage Therapy

It is such a pleasure to know you're reading this.

My name is Siona. I'm a restorative coach and guide with a professional background in corporate leadership, tech startups, and large-scale group facilitation. I founded The Subtle Center after integrating a personal healing crisis that affirmed and deepened my path in 2014. Today it is my pleasure to assist others in creating lives of greater spaciousness, impact, and ease.

I practice both minimalism and slow living, and divide my time between Colorado and California. I love music, long distance running, and excursions to both forests and coasts. Meditation and art feed my soul.

As both a practitioner of secular mysticism and a dedicated advocate of intersectionality, pleasure activism, and collective liberation, I feel powerfully that we are all capable of achieving remarkable lives of deep satisfaction and genuine fulfillment-- provided that we take the time to listen to and to trust the guidance of our breathing bodies, and given that we are provided with the deep care and attention we need.

It is an honor and privilege to work with those who find me, and I look forward to supporting you on your own unfolding journey.


Three month packages start at $1,700.

Schedule a free 30 min introductory call here.

No obligation. I value right relationships and these calls help ensure a good fit.

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